MB7INM 4m Information

License details.

Callsign MB7INM
Transmitter Frequency 70.3875 MHz
Receiver Frequency 70.3875 MHz
CTCSS Access Tone 82.5Hz on Receive and Transmit
Modes FM-Narrow 2.5KHz deviation
Antenna Vertical Dipole
Antenna Height Above Ground 10m
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP 5W, 7 dBW
NOV Holder M0NFI

Radio Settings.

To use a simplex gateway you need to listen and transmit on the same frequency,  MB7INM 4m transmits and receives on 70.3875MHz and requires a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz. 

MB7INM 4m is permanently linked to HUBNet. HUBNet is a large network of repeaters, gateways and personal nodes in the UK and around the world. Please see the HUBNet website for more information by clicking here.

All simplex gateway nodes are licensed for narrow deviation only so please make sure your radios are set to narrow. If you operate your radio in wide deviation mode you could cause distortion and your signal may be dropped by the gateway radio. Leave a gap of four seconds between overs to allow all linked nodes to reset and for anyone else to join in. Before transmitting into a gateway please listen for a while to make sure it's not in use. Two people can use the same gateway to talk with other users but as it's only simplex you will be hearing the other local user directly from their radio to yours.

The tones from the gateway assist with determining who is operating from where.

When you transmit into the gateway and it's connected to another node, as you unkey, the gateway will reply with a morse K (dah-dit-dah) with a higher frequency of 1200Hz.

When you transmit into the gateway and it isn't connected to another node, as you unkey, the gateway will reply with a morse K (dah-dit-dah) with a lower frequency of 800Hz.

When a remote user on the network ends transmission you will hear a morse I ( dit-dit).

Coverage Prediction. 

MB7ANM Coverage Prediction