GB3PF Information

License details.

Callsign GB3PF
Transmitter Frequency 433.300 MHz
Receiver Frequency 434.900 MHz
CTCSS Frequency 82.5 Hz
Modes FM Narrow
Antenna Diamond X50
Antenna Height Above Ground 8m
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP 11 dBW, 12.5W
NOV Holder M0NFI

Radio Settings.

To use a repeater you need to listen to its transmitter frequency and transmit on its receive frequency. This can be confusing so these are the settings you need for your radio.

Transmit on 434.900MHz, receive on 433.300MHz and select a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz.

On many radios, you select the receive frequency of 433.300MHz and an offset of plus 1.6MHz with a tone of 82.5Hz. You can use tone squelch if your radio has this function as the repeater transmits a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz. 

Coverage Prediction. 

GB3PF Coverage Prediction