MB6CF Information

License details.

Callsign MB6CF
Transmitter Frequency 144.850 MHz
Receiver Frequency 144.850 MHz
Licensed Modes D-Star, DMR, Fusion, NXDN, P25
Antenna Diamond X50
Antenna Height Above Ground 5m
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP 0.1 dBW, 1W
NOV Holder 2E0NTO

Radio Settings.

To use a simplex gateway you need to listen and transmit on the same frequency,  MB6CF transmits and receives on 144.850MHz. 

Chris the owner of MB6CF has his own website with a lot of good information about his gateway on it. Please click here to visit his website.

MB6CF on Fusion mode is linked to Freestar as default but can be moved to other reflectors by users.

Coverage Prediction. 

GB3PF Coverage Prediction