GB3RX Information

License details.

Callsign GB3RX
Transmitter Frequency 430.8125 MHz
Receiver Frequency 438.4125 MHz
CTCSS Frequency 77 Hz
Modes FM Narrow, Yaesu System Fusion
Antenna Diamond X50
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP 10 dBW, 10W
NOV Holder M0NFI

Radio Settings.

To use a repeater you need to listen to its transmitter frequency and transmit on its receive frequency. This can be confusing so these are the settings you need for your radio.

Transmit on 438.4125MHz, receive on 430.8125MHz, and select a CTCSS tone of 77Hz when using FM mode. 

On many radios, you select the receive frequency of 430.8125MHz and an offset of plus 7.6MHz with a CTCSS tone of 77Hz. GB3RX is a dual-mode FM and Fusion, it is advisable to set your squelch to tone squelch so you will not hear the digital noise if you are using an FM only radio. 

FM and Yaesu System Fusion.

GB3RX is a dual mode, FM and Yaesu System Fusion repeater. The mode is selected by the local user with a 10 minute timeout timer from the last received signal until the repeater is available for mode selection.

The repeater status page shows which mode is active and how long is left on the timeout timer. When no mode has been selected by a local user the repeater will transmit network traffic from whichever network is active.

Coverage Prediction. 

GB3PT Coverage Prediction