GB3RF has been operating as an FM repeater for over 40 years. No current amateur digital mode can match the audio quality of a strong clear FM signal. Almost every radio amateur has access to a 2m FM radio which is why it's important we keep a balance between FM repeaters and the newer digitals modes. GB3RF is both FM and digital so could be said to be the best of both worlds.

Operating Information

As an Allstar controlled repeater GB3RF is using digital technology even when being used in the analogue FM mode. It can be linked to other repeaters and gateways using both Allstar and EchoLink connections. It is important that 4 second gaps are left between overs. This allows other users to break in, lets the hang timer reset and also any linked repeaters/gateways to reset.

End of over tones, known as courtesy tones are used on the repeater and they inform users where transmissions originated from. 

At the end of a direct radio transmission, the repeater transmits a morse K - dah dit dah

At the end of network-based Allstar overs, the repeater transmits a morse I which is short for internet - dit dit 

EchoLink overs are identified by the repeater transmitting a morse I followed by an E which is short for Internet Echolink - dit dit      dit 

GB3RF has an 8 second hang timer, this means at the end of an over the repeater will stay in transmit for 8 seconds. You should wait 3 seconds after hearing the tones before you reply. The main reason for the hang timer is to remove the squelch crunch as the repeaters ends its transmission.


The licence details for GB3RF are listed below. 

Callsign GB3RF
Transmitter Frequency 145.775 MHz
Receiver Frequency 145.175 MHz
CTCSS Frequency 82.5 Hz
Modes FM 2.5KHz peak, DMR, D-Star, Fusion (C4FM)
Antenna Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Height Above Ground  15m
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP  14 dBW, 25W