EchoLink allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to connect to one another over the Internet.  You can use EchoLink to connect your station (or your computer) over the Internet to other amateurs using the same software, and carry on a voice QSO.  This greatly enhances the range and utility of mobile and portable VHF/UHF-FM stations, and also allows computer-equipped hams to access distant repeaters directly.

You can access EchoLink either with a radio or a computer.  If you are in range of an FM repeater or simplex station equipped with EchoLink, you can use DTMF commands from your radio to access the EchoLink network.  If you are a licensed amateur with an Internet-connected PC, you can access EchoLink stations directly from your PC.

Here is a link to the EchoLink website where you can learn about the system and download the software for your PC.

GB3RF implements EchoLink in a slightly nonstandard way. Users accessing GB3RF directly using FM radios cannot control the repeater and make it connect to other EchoLink nodes. It is set up to only accept incoming connections. This means that local users can still access their repeater when away from home and we also get people from around the world connecting to hold QSO's with local users.

If you wish to connect to GB3RF from your phone, PC or another EchoLink node just look in the station listing for GB3RF-R or its node number 333195 and connect to us.

GB3RF-R EchoLink is kindly hosted by Chris G8LAW.