GB7BF Information

GB7BF is located in the South Shore area of Blackpool, the NOV holder is Dave Austin M0DKR. The repeater was replaced in late 2021 with a ZUM Modem MMDVM based repeater using 2 Motorola GM340 radios. The repeater is controlled using Pi-Star with some additional scripts to monitor the radios, control the colling fans and report the status of the repeater to the status page which allows users to see what digital modes are active and which networks are linked.

License details.

Callsign GB7BF
Transmitter Frequency 439.675 MHz
Receiver Frequency 430.675 MHz
Modes DMR, D-Star, Yaesu Fusion
DMR Colour Code 5
Antenna Height Above Ground 7m
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP 9.9 dBW, 9.8W
NOV Holder M0DKR

Radio Settings.

To use a repeater you need to listen to its transmitter frequency and transmit on its receive frequency. This can be confusing so these are the settings you need for your radio.

Transmit on 439.675MHz, receive on 430.675MHz and select a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz.

On many radios, you select the receive frequency of 439.675MHz and an offset of minus 9MHz.  

Coverage Prediction. 

GB7BF Coverage Prediction