Status Information

The status page can be used to determine what mode is currently active and what mode you can use. Below are some examples of what the status page could display with descriptions below the images.


In the first example, no mode is selected and the MMDVM digital section is listening. When the mode is set to FM or Digital the repeater is waiting for a user to transmit into the repeater to select the mode. An FM user would switch the repeater to FM only and a digital user would switch the repeater to Digital Only and the MMDVM TX/RX state would change to the digital mode they are using.


The repeater is in FM Only mode, someone has been talking into the receiver for 14 seconds and the transmitter has been on for 262 seconds. The timeout is reset to 600 seconds every time the receiver is activated by a user so it stays in that mode for their QSO.


This looks confusing because both the FM and DV transmitters are transmitting. What is important to look at is the mode, it is in FM only mode with a local users talking into the FM receiver. The digital section is trying to transmit a YSF network QSO but is ignored because of the FM only mode selection.


In the above example, the DV transmitter is trying to transmit a YSF QSO coming from the reflector it is linked to. Nothing is heard being transmitted by the repeater because the selected mode is FM or Digital. The repeater is biased towards FM because all digital radio users can also use FM. A digital user can transmit into the repeater in the mode they wish to switch the repeater into digital mode. If a user transmitted YSF into the repeater while it was in the state above the repeater would switch to digital mode and YSF would be transmitted from the repeater. The timeout would be set to 600 seconds and this would reset each time the local user transmitted into the repeater.


A local YSF user has transmitted into the repeater to select digital mode and YSF mode. The users talked into the repeater and someone has been replying for 42 seconds


This is another example that could be confusing. No mode has been selected by a local user but the FM transmitter is transmitting without input on the receiver. The repeater is transmitting its own identification or the hourly time announcement.