MB7NEL Details

MB7NEL is a 2m packet node near Burnley in Lancashire with AXIP links to other nodes including a BBS and wwwconv chat server.

Node details

Callsign MB7NEL
Port 1 144.950 MHz
  Antenna Diamond X30 (0.85 dB) 8m AGL
  Maximum Power 6.8 dBW ERP
Port 10 Telnet
Port 11 AXIP links to other nodes

BPQ Information

MB7NEL is using BPQ32 software by John Wiseman G8BPQ, details can be found here.

BPQ32 is running on an Oracle cloud virtual machine connected by a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to a Raspberry Pi 2B at the registered node site. The RPi 2B is interfaced to a Tait TM8110 radio via a modified CM108 USB soundcard and Direwolf sound modem software.

MB7NEL is using a Diamond X30 antenna.


Due to strange licensing rules packet nodes not at the licencee's main station address are unable to run a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) so we have linked to our friend Dave M0LMN's BBS on GB7ROS. The BBS is accessed using the command BBS and I would encourage anyone using MB7NEL to create an account on the BBS and leave M0NFI a message with your approximate location and what our signal is like so we can confirm our expected coverage. You can also leave us a message on the node using the WALL and IM commands.

We also have a link to the wwwconv chat system using the command CHAT


Below is the current help information that the HELP command returns, this is likely to change so please do use the ? and HELP commands when connected to MB7NFI

MENU News, Sport, Weather, QRZ Lookup, Jokes, Trivia and more
CHAT WorldWide Convers Chat System
BBS BBS provided by GB7ROS
MUD Multi-User dungeon game hosted by GB7MBC
WALL Please leave a message on the graffiti wall
SYSINFO Displays system information
IM Send a Telegram Instant Message to the SysOp
(C)ONNECT C <port> <destination>
(B)YE Disconnect
(I)NFO Basic node info
(N)ODES Display linked or neighbouring nodes
(P)ORTS Node radio ports
(R)OUTES Node routing info
(U)SERS Connected users
(M)HEARD M <port> - Heard stations by port
(H)ELP Display this help
? List of commands