Analogue To Digital Crossmode

The Allstar controlled FM analogue side of GB3RF has cross-mode analogue to digital transcoding to several digital modes.

This means you can use your personal digital hotspot or local digital repeater/gateway to connect to the analogue FM side of GB3RF

XLX977 reflector provides connections for Dstar, DMR and Fusion.

Dstar - Reflector is XLX977-C

Fusion - Reflector is XLX977-F you can't select module F in Pi-Star but the reflector will automatically connect you to the Fusion module if you select YSF71776 - XLX977 - GB3RFNWRGroup as the reflector in your YSF Link Manager.

DMR - XLX Master is XLX_977 Module D TG6. In Pi-Star configuration set your DMR Master to DMRGateway, XLX Master to XLX_977, XLX Startup Module to D, XLX Master Enabled and use TG6

The XLX977 reflector dashboard can be found here to see current connections.

The M17-NWR reflector provides connections for M17 which is a new digital radio protocol in development as an alternative to those currently available and is being developed by amateurs.

Information about M17 can be found here.

The M17-NWR reflector dashboard can be found here to see current connections.

The diagram below shows how the analogue repeater is connected to the Allstar hub 47977. The hub has connections to the analogue to the digital conversion server which in turn connects to the XLX977 reflector. Users can connect their hotspots to the XLX reflector which allows them to remotely access GB3RF FM repeater.



This diagram is no longer correct and the connections are no longer like this. It will be updated soon.