GB3RF Multimode Information

The repeater can only be in FM or DV (digital voice) mode. It can't be in both modes at once.

The selection between FM and DV is controlled by hang timers. Once in FM or DV mode the timer will start to count down and is reset each time the repeater receives a valid input on its receiver in the correct mode.

When the repeater isn't in either mode it is available for use by either FM or digital users. Transmitting into the repeater in the mode you wish to use will switch the repeater to that mode and start the hang timer count down.

If the repeater isn't in either mode it will transmit in FM mode if someone accesses it using one of its internet linking methods - Allstar, EchoLink, Dstar or Fusion reflector. The repeater will only transmit digital modes if a user has transmitted into the repeater which switches it to digital.

The current status of the repeater is shown on the GB3RF FM DV Status page.

The repeater automatically selects FM only mode between 6pm and 8pm every day for the evening net. If the net is still active after this time the repeater will stay in FM mode controlled by the FM hang timer.

The digital side of the repeater currently has Dstar and Yaesu Fusion (C4FM) enabled. 


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