Packet BBS GB7ESC in Blackpool has joined the repeater group as our third packet node. GB7ESC is owned and maintained by Alan G0WDA. Alan is currently evaluating software and we will update the webpage once he has completed his work. Alan also owns and maintains the group DMR repeater in Blackpool GB7FO

Packet Node MB7NEL

The North Western Repeater Group switched on their second Packet Node this morning. MB7NEL is located close to Burnley and should have good coverage of the local area. Please leave signal reports here or if you can access the node you can use the WALL command to leave a graffetti wall message or the IM command sends me a Telegram instant message. I've been working on the MENU command which gives you a choice of news, weather, amateur radio news, jokes, riddles, games and it's changing often at the moment. Our other packet node in Liverpool MB7NFI has all the same commands. Due to the silly licencing rules packet nodes not at the NOV holders main station address are not allowed to have a BBS so we are linking to GB7ROS for the BBS command. Using the BBS command on our nodes will automagically connect you directly to GB7ROS BBS.

MB7ITC SImplex Gateway

2E0XLG Chris installed simplex gateway MB7ITC in Thornton in Craven. MB7ITC operates on 145.3375MHz and requires a CTCSS tone of 103.5Hz.    MB7ITC

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