GB7FO Information

GB7FO is located in central Blackpool, the NOV holder is Alan Walker G0WDA. The repeater is a Motorola DR3000 and is linked to the DV Scotland Phoenix Network.

You can find the repeater status page and talk group information under GB7FO in the repeater menu.
For more information please visit Alan's website.

License details.

Callsign GB7FO
Transmitter Frequency 430.2750 MHz
Receiver Frequency 439.2750 MHz
Colour Code 1
Modes DMR on the DV Scotland Phoenix Network
Antenna Diamond X50
Polarisation Vertical
Direction Omnidirectional
Antenna Height Above Ground 8m
Maximum Transmitter Power PEP 11.1dBW 12.9W
NOV Holder G0WDA

Radio Settings.

DMR radios use code plugs which are like a settings file for all the frequencies, talk groups, etc needed to operate through a DMR repeater. Alan has some Anytone code plugs available to download on his code plug webpage

Coverage Prediction. 

GB7FO Coverage Prediction